Baltimore Studio took light as a collaborative work on record labels, from the setup and mastering to the artwork and the final release.
Two labels on the market and countless consultancy activities in the field define our background, enhanced by a complete range of key partners.


2007 born Pizzico avails itself of politically incorrect aesthetics (..but we think so pretty graphics..) to sound the dramatic and obscure sides of last decades, from psyco and lysergic 70’s to darkest double identities of the 80’s and pleasant soul decadences of the 90’s, looking forward trying to reach for the good sound, starting from the assumption that all the true art on earth is dirty and torbid, even if it makes you perceive a foreshortening of the sun..

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Museek is a brand new digital + physical record label project.
In a time completely stuffed with micro genres and self-referential niches, the only thing we want to fulfil is the time-lapse between the disco and the coming back home, giving an exclusive soundtrack to the “off-of-the-dancefloor” moments.
Museek belongs to the aftermath: the way back home.

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