Ciao Fellini Remix! Party

Pizzico Records is going to celebrate the first ten years of activity with an extravagant project. Four excellent remixers show their personal versions of “Noche a Bahia” and “Dalì”, two tracks that we could say are “Balearic Ante Litteram”, by memorable band Ciao Fellini.

Severino of Horse Meat Disco, the most famous London party, Dj Rocca from legendary Maffia and worldwide famous producer, The Caribbean House, combo of historic minds from Technogod to Disciplinatha and Johnny Paguro, outsider from Pizzico, show their reworks in this record made for the most diverse dance floors, from breakbeat to disco-house.

Preview this incredible record here

Now available at the best music stores on a limited edition to 300 copies!

…Pizzico is turning ten, let’s get ready to party!

March 4th, OFF Club, Modena, Italy.

Funny playback by Fake Ciao Fellini

Dj set by Jumbo (Ciao Fellini), Billy Bogus (Pizzico rec.), Johnny Paguro (Museek)



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